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Hello, everyone. I'm Emily from Beijing, China. At present, I'm a 9th grade student. I love art and new technology on the Internet, as well as myths and games around the world. I like this interesting content presented in the form of digital media, so I launched the World Tag project. I designed a Greek mythical character APP for children this year and made some of my paintings into NFTs and released them on Opensea. I will do more in the future. There is a lot of interesting content for everyone to use. I hope more like-minded friends can join us.

About the World Tag project

The World Tag Project (WdTag) is a public welfare project founded by Emily. It is committed to exploring the driving forces of human technology and civilization, and organizing project members to express their understanding of the world through the expression of art and digital technology. At the same time, we spread knowledge and ideas in a more concise way, so that more teenagers and children can understand what these important technologies and art mean to us, and inspire everyone to do something meaningful for our bright future. If you have your own works and hope to express important events and highlights of art and technology in human civilization, whether it is painting, music, videos, or even an APP or game, you are welcome to contact us or join us to jointly promote these contents so that more people can see and benefit from it. Or you don't create it yourself, but you have professional skill, such as being able to write stories, draw, make music, and program, you are welcome to join us and co-create as a member of a project. If you just like our project, agree with our ideas, and be enthusiastic about participating in the work, then you are also welcome to join us, and work together to let more people know about us.

Welcome to email me: wdtag.emily@gmail.com

Donations And Income

The World Tag project may obtain certain benefits in the form of NFT, authorization, etc., which will be automatically donated as cumulative project operating funds except for necessary expenses. At the same time, we accept donations. If you agree with our ideas and are willing to fund our continuous teamwork and creative work, donations are also welcome. Funding for the project will only be used to help more teenagers and children get help and encourage more works. In the future, a team will be formed to evaluate projects that can be funded. Donations to all projects will be recorded, and the expenditure of the project will also be made public. At the same time, based on convenience, openness and transparency, and future-oriented technology considerations, we make full use of blockchain technology. Through digital currency addresses, we accept digital currencies in the form of ETH, USDT and so on.

Donation address: 0xc4547777Dd3C3FeaEf870F0363CC45C82B341aBE


In the process of launching the World Tag project and designing the APP, I got help from many people. Thanks to Cloudy, Xiaoqi, etc. for the coding implementation of the APP and website. Thanks to Alvin for advising on my product design. Thanks to my sister Cindy for giving me good advice as a user, when I designed the app. Thanks to everyone who supported the project and me.