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This is a painting that relates to Egypt Mythology. Osiris, a god who cared about common people, was killed by his brother because of jealousy. The power of being pharaoh and ruling the whole kingdom belongs to Osiris, whose wife was Isis. After the obituary of Osiris was heard by Isis, she cried so hard that the Nile River raised the tide and destroyed the Egyptians’ home. Therefore, a priest was recommended. As the representative, the female priest gave the sacrifice to Isis, wishing she could stop crying. Isis’s status was higher than her people, which was symbolized by the priest, so her head was really big, and was on the top of the painting. Since praying was usually related to the church, I used the shape of the church’s diamond color window. I draw it with gouache because it gives me a sense of brightness and flamboyancy.